Xtratus Articles

Segnalazione al Parlamento e al Governo sulla disciplina delle intercettazioni mediante captatore informatico

By Xtratus

Business Intelligence: the present and the future between economics and sentiment analysis

By Carolina Molino

NATO Turkey relations

By Fabrizio Minniti

Proxy wars in the Middle East

By Fabio Di Nunno

The pressing need of countering Jihadist propaganda

By Fabio Di Nunno

Nagorno-Karabakh: new tensions arise between Armenia and Azerbaijan

By Fabio Di Nunno

Calabria of white collars

by Eliot Ness

Syria: chemical weapons and US bombing. What next?

By Fabio Di Nunno

G7 Culture adopted the Florence Declaration: culture as an instrument of dialogue among peoples

By Fabio Di Nunno

Treaties of Rome, 60 years of Europe

By Fabio Di Nunno

ISIS and N'Drangheta: History And Economic Interweaving

By Eliot Ness

Libya: Armed Groups, loyal to Khalifa Ghwell, take control of three ministries in Tripoli?

by Le Diplomatique

New NATO troops in the Baltic region: deterrent or clash with Russia?

by Fabio Di Nunno

The terrorist threat in the cyberspace: Virtual HumInt and national security

by Amedeo Vitagliano Stendardo

New York City bombs and the shadow of Afghanistan

by Fabio Di Nunno

FBI-Apple Case: Who Won?

by Luca Losio

Egypt: The Regeni Case

by Fabrizio Minniti

Dhaka Terrorist Attack And An Unclear Instigator

by Fabio Di Nunno

Lebanon: A Geopolitical Crisis In The Making

by Fabio Di Nunno

A Psychology Of Daesh

by Amedeo Vitagliano Stendardo