The New York City bomber was finally caught. The 28-year-old Ahmad Khan Rahami of New Jersey, Rahami who was born in Afghanistan and moved to the US with his family, did frequent travels to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where he probably radicalised. If information suggests it may be foreign-related, this also clarifies why the bombs were similar to the typical afghan-style devices, and questions arise about the influence of Afghanistan on the current terrorist trends. Indeed, Flee Jones, who grew up with Rahami, said that when he returned from one of the trips, he had a beard and wore traditional Muslim robes. Afterwards, he started praying regularly in the back of the family's chicken restaurant. Rahami was identified Sunday afternoon through a fingerprint, a senior law enforcement official said. Evidence from the cell phone on the pressure cooker also led to Rahmani's identification. Despite the New York police Department (NYPD) saying they were not actively looking for anyone else, some experts said the chance no-one else was involved was infinitesimally small.

But, in the meantime, there was also a terrorist attack in Minnesota, where a terrorist armed with a knife attacked visitors of a shopping center, leaving eight people injured. That terrorist attack has been claimed by the Islamic State (IS) which, in its publication, it reported that “the police killed a soldier of ISIS.”

 New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Monday: "We have every reason to believe this was an act of terror." What is sure is that, from New York, the United States (US) discover themselves vulnerable again: an explosion on 23rd Street and 2nd Street, a device found on 27th Street a few blocks away, multiple explosive devices found near Elizabeth station. The sequence of facts, starting on September 17, as reported by The telegraph, is clear:

  • Saturday 9:35am ET (2:35pm BST) Pipe bomb explodes near a charity race organised by the US Marines. There were no injuries, but the race was cancelled. A second device was found near the site.
  • Saturday 8:30pm ET (1:30am BST Sunday) A loud explosion is heard in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York.
  • Saturday 8:15pm CT (Sunday 2:15am BST) Knife-wielding assailant dressed in security guard uniform stabs 8 people in a Minnesota shopping centre.
  • Saturday 9:45pm ET (Sunday 2:45am BST) New York fire department tweets that 25 people have been injured in the New York blast, none with life-threatening injuries. The total is later upped to 29.
  • Saturday 11:30pm ET (Sunday 4:30am BST) A second device built from a pressure cooker and containing wires and a mobile phone is discovered a few blocks from the New York blast site. It is safely defused before being sent to an FBI lab for investigation.
  • Sunday 10:45am (3:45pm BST) Isil claim the perpetrator of the Minnesota stabbings, reportedly a 22-year-old Somali American, to be a "soldier of the caliphate".
  • Sunday 8:30pm ET (Monday 1:30am BST) Police respond to reports of a suspicious backpack with wires and pipes in a rubbish near a station in New Jersey. They discover multiple IEDs, detonating one via a bomb disposal robot.
  • Sunday 8:45pm ET (Monday 1:45am BST) FBI agents detain five people for questioning over the New York explosion after stopping their car on a Brooklyn highway.
  • Monday 11.45am ET (Monday 4.46pm BST) NYPD confirm that suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami, 28, a naturalised US citizen born in Afghanistan, has been taken into custody following a shoot-out with police.

Undoubtedly, these terrorists attacks will surely have an impact on the already delicate presidential campaign in the US. Donald Trump emphasised the fact that the suspect bomber was an Afghan immigrant to boost support for his controversial proposal to bar Muslims from entering the US. He insisted he had “predicted” the attacks and that the country, under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, had become “weak”. Conversely, Hillary Clinton, in turn, accused him of helping the Islamic State recruiters with his rhetoric against Islam, stating that she was not weak. Indeed, she recalled the fact that, when she was Secretary of State, Osama bin Laden was found and killed.

 Many things remain unclear. Nonetheless, several experts repeatedly warned that US policy, aimed at supporting terrorists in other countries in the Middle East and Eurasia, will eventually bring an outcome in the US. However, at the moment IS acts with great caution in the US. So far.