Xtratus About

Xtratus is a free apolitical Association, nonpartisan and nonprofit, between academics, researchers and practitioners in the field of defense and security, particularly intelligence, strategic science and geopolitics.

Xtratus aims to spread awareness of the value and significance of an effective military intelligence, united and coordinated as a key component for the defense and security. The Association is dedicated to the study, analysis, dissemination, communication of phenomena that affect the domains of defense and governmental security, in particular by promoting activities and programs designed to improve the theoretical foundations, technical and application intelligence as a discipline.

The Association is based on the idea of ​​having and being able to be a valid flying capacity in the fields of defense and security especially governmental, interacting with institutional operators, particularly with the intelligence professionals who are vital to the successful pursuit of of government security agencies, as well as with those who work in military intelligence, in other security activities, land defense, law enforcement, and other fields of specific interest.